Correspondence Management

Successful businesses rely on information interchange and exchange, no matter what field is your business or the size of your organization; whether your day-to-day business interactions are limited to simple phone/email correspondence or involving a set of complicated procedures and communication channels deeply incorporated into your business mechanism and your staff collaboration.

We provide a complete Correspondence Management Solution that focuses on the ability to manage and track business correspondence in a secure manner while employing the right set of tools and technology to seek the highest possible level of productivity, accuracy and efficiently control and govern the information and correspondence channels.

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Information Governance and Security

Correspondence Management Solution provides ways to capture information and content confidently and securely while applying your enterprise content and communication policy along the way to circulation and until destruction. Messages, Information and even know-how are all assets that are captured, kept safe, tracked and controlled by the system and grants access only to the permitted parties. ...

A university that has just been established under an ambitious administration who wanted to start doing education the right way. Just like any university, they have to be prepared for a new education year but they also had to come up with a plan to become digital while it made sense to use the traditional paper-based procedures that seemed easier for everyone; the decision was not about easy, it was about what would be effective and turned out to be also a time and cost saver!.
Being dynamic and flexible, Masar was used to automate the backbone business correspondence functions while we offered our experience not just of correspondence management solution but also because we have worked with other universities prior to this project. We provided key business guidelines and best practices that helped this university be ready in a very short time. Our client appreciated that we were prepared for every challenge along the way.

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Electronic Transactions and Process Automation

The most challenging part of correspondence management is the nature of ever-changing procedures involving communication that is aligned with business practices and complex organizational structure. Our Correspondence Solution ensures dynamic flexibility of information process end-to-end while providing many ways to automate, customize and control gaps of process routing. ...

One of our clients reached out to us with an urgency to do what seems impossible. Digitizing millions of files is not just about the scanned images but also classification, extraction of valuable intel and linking them to the right data records on various applications including ERP. The goal is to do that in a very short time because the university has a deadline to comply with new regulations concerning paper documents.
Fast enough and even before awarding process is completed, we setup multiple production lines for paper files backlog on site, planned archive containers delivery paths in campus and procedure including the check-in and check-out to ensure content security. We also have design a QA process that controls the quality on both ends for daily digitization. Digital images and data files were stored on local system that is connected directly to the university’s archiving servers for daily backup and digital batches delivery.

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Correspondence Channels, Integration and Interoperation

Our solution can easily provide ready-to-use electronic channels for information intake and delivery, as well as it integrates with your existing service outlets and delivery channels including business-line software applications. Handling larger organizations correspondence may also involve automating cross-organization correspondence. That is also available in our solution or we can help you integrate with 3rd party interoperation hubs such as government integration hub. ...

A Ministry who had been struggling with driving change to force their staff to bring official files to follow their archiving protocol to apply the latest National Center of Archive standard policy. They had to come up with a way to keep the staff doing what they are used to, but at the same time making it very easy to automate central document management and enforce control.
We provided the best solution fit for the ministry’s problem; Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management was the magic wand in this case. Users loved the way it integrates with Microsoft Office. Users were able to create new documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and other applications, do their drafting and work their way as they used to. Files were automatically stored by Laserfiche, archived centrally, applied retention policy and even move these documents from user to another without the use of email service as they had to. The were surprised that Laserfiche was able to keep versions, logged changes and was handy to revert when needed. The piece of mind the Archiving Centre had was overwhelming as they were able to control their archives and ensure all files are secured, tracked and compliant with the National Center of Archive standard policy as well as the ministry’s own policies.

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Tracking, Process Optimization and Change Management

Tracking correspondence elements including: participants, correspondents, digital content and physical content is an essential part of our correspondence management solution. Providing tools, dashboards and features to easily find, track and monitor performance of daily work as well as long-term. That also helps optimizing the process by finding the areas that needs improvement. ...

Municipalities deal with too many parties and different functions that impacts the lives of citizens. While many of these functionalities are standardized, there are always cases that needs their own application. A separate division of a known municipality needed to provide a business to business e-Service to automate granting engineering offices permits to operate and serve the public projects that are also linked to their own permits and various authorization checklists.
It was clear to us that this cannot be a standard product. We have developed a web-based CRM-integrated system that offers the full range of services from registration to final permit printing. The challenge was mainly to integrate the e-services with other systems, the launch of the project was a blast. Other municipalities were impressed and they started using the same concept on their service areas, most of which were relying on in-house development teams that copied most of the functionalities were provided in our implementation.

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