Digital Forms

Digital Forms (or Electronic Forms) are key component of digital transformation. They replace paper documents, applications and sheets that are used to collect data and they fulfil the organization’s need for structured and accurate data. When used correctly, Digital Forms eliminate the cost associated with paper forms and also reduce the effort and time associated with traditional data capturing forms.

Digital Forms can also provide the ability to automatically validate, format, calculate, look up and link integrated data with collected information. They are often used as an interface for process automation data collection and user interaction.

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Digital Forms Elements and Features

The digital form can reproduce any element of a traditional paper form, including writing, filling checklists, drawing a sketch or adding a signature. With the right Digital Forms solution, this can be extended to even more interactive and smart electronic forms that utilizes technology such as: capturing geographical location, attaching documents, capturing camera photos, securing identity, guiding customers through step by step wizards and a lot more.

Digital Forms Examples and Use Cases

Digital Forms are used in many cases, including and not limited to: Surveys, Assessment, Safety Inspection, Tracking, Inventory, Quality Control, Requests Processes, Suggesting, Feedback, Contact, Service Inquiries, Registration, Contracting and many more. Custom Digital Forms are still needed even with the most comprehensive ERP and Business-Line software where there are gaps that are not covered by such software.

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