Business Intelligence

Analyzing growing pile of data that is accumulating over time as a result of capturing rich variety of information throughout business operations depends on the ability to transform it in a format suitable for decision-making as well as refining data to reveal its value that directly contribute to revenue making, cost reduction and accuracy optimization.

Our Business Intelligence solution comprises of software system and services to transform large amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights shaped directly to serve the strategic and executive goals. BI system analyzes data and presents analytical findings in dashboards and reports.

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Traditional Reporting vs BI

Typical software applications provide variety of reports and reporting features related to your business operations, you may even pay extra costs for additional custom reports or even develop these reports in-house. However, even with combined data, that does not always give you the whole picture, and definitely not a clear picture of what you need. BI in the other hand is the magic wand compared to traditional reporting which provides 360-degree insight into your business.

Selecting BI analysis metrics

Obtaining a power BI system is not enough by itself to achieve the best of BI benefits. The most challenging part is defining the measurements and analysis metrics that matters. Linking these metrics to your business goals is another step to validate if these metrics are effective and that is a continuous process and there’s no size fits all solution. As part of our BI Solution, we provide our services to help shaping and building your BI metrics selection strategy and guide you through the journey.

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Modern BI Dashboards

The modern BI features: No-code, Lightweight, Trend identification, Increased efficiency, Perfect Accuracy, Interactive data visualization, High flexibility and Self-services. Therefore, Dashboard building involves very complex set of features, analytical and visualization tools. Whether focused on current or future trends, patterns finding, forecasting, hierarchical, multidimensional or geospatial KPIs; Our expers can help you build the base dashboards with ease and confidence.