Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation

Workflow software is used to automate repeatable, daily tasks where manual effort can be replaced with less or no human interaction. Combining multiple techniques accelerates the work by routing information to the right party at the right time and streamline processes. Business Process Automation can get become so complicated and overwhelming if multiple levels and entities are covered. In some cases it involves all components and technologies of digital transformation; from defintion to execution to tuning and optimization, the final result would ideally be a business process that is self-sufficient to run smoothly, with no errors, less consumed time, less cost and more importantly highest level of customer satisfaction.

Business Operations can also be entirely driven by computers; in this case software robots are used to simulate activities and tasks that involves legacy systems and desktop applications and much more.

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BPA Solution Key Elements

The following are key elements and features that are provided in our BPA and RPS Solutions:

  • Complicated scenarios facilities (parallel paths, signaling, timed-events, role-based control, .. etc)
  • Data and Content capturing and Delivery as part of the processes
  • Code-free workflow designing
  • Various Integration possibilities
  • Notifications, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Ability to record and re-play with exception-handling

BPA and RPS Examples and Use cases

BPA Common Use cases:

  • Hiring and Onboarding processes
  • Procurement processes
  • New account creation processes
  • Managing user access
  • Managing content reviews and approvals
  • Handling training requests
  • Expense claims management
  • Case management

RPA Common Use cases:

  • Data entry
  • updates and migration
  • Extracting structured data from unstructured sources
  • Scheduled reporting and tracking
  • Automated Delivery of aggregated content
  • Automating multi-step complex tasks
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